Can tubal ligations fail?

Answer Tubal ligation is a surgery performed to render the fallopian tubes incapable of transmitting a fertilized egg to the uterus. The end of the tube may be cut and cauterized, or a band may be affixed... Read More »

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Are the signs of a tubal pregnancy the same as a non-tubal one?

Answer Very early signs, up to five weeks, are very similar, breasrt tenderness, nausea etc but then a tubal pregnancy usually becomes extremely painful as the growing embryo stretches the tube. I... Read More »

How to Reverse a Tubal Ligation?

Getting a tubal ligation reversal to restore fertility is not uncommon. Although thought to be a permanent form of sterilization there are expert surgeons who can repair fallopian tubes in 98% of c... Read More »

Could i get pregnant if i had a tubal?

On One Hand: It is highly unlikelyTubal ligation has a failure rate of .1 percent (1/10 of one percent), which is the same failure rate as vasectomies. The odds are highly unlikely that a woman who... Read More »

Can you get pregnet after tubal?

It's possible, but most of the time the embryo ends up attaching in the fallopian tubes which can turn into medical emergency so you might want to take a pregnancy test and if positive go to the do... Read More »