Can travertine handle the heat from a fire?

Answer Travertine is very heat-resistant, meaning that it will not be damaged by the heat from fire if used to line a fireplace or to create a hearth, will stay comfortably cool if used outdoors, and will... Read More »

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I just bought Travertine from Home Depot and it has a slight shine to it Does Travertine ever come already sealed?

Home Depot does sometimes sell presealed Travertine but the box would usually state that. If it's not labeled as presealed and you think it is you can test it by sprinkling the stone with water if ... Read More »

Whats harder for you to handle...too much heat or too much cold♥?

READ THIS .I have it ~~~ owwwww COLD !!!D :) What is Raynaud's syndrome? This is a condition in which the smallest arteries that bring blood to the fingers or toes constrict (go into spasm) when ex... Read More »

How to Handle Fibrous Fluids in Plate Heat Exchangers?

A plate heat exchanger is a heat transfer device that uses the surface area of metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids. Each plate has shallow channels that vastly increase the surface are... Read More »

Hardy Outdoor Hanging Plants That Handle Heat Well?

Hanging plants are part of every landscape in the summer, whether they're on porches, in pergolas, or hanging on a shepherd's crook. But summer can be brutal to plants and you'll want to choose var... Read More »