Can transmission fluid be used in an engine to clean it?

Answer On One Hand: Transmission Fluid Can Damage Your EngineThough transmission fluid contains detergents that can be helpful in cleaning your engine, it isn't designed to lubricate the way motor oil is.... Read More »

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Does transmission fluid clean the inside of your engine?

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for your transmission. The transmission is separate from the engine and is used to transfer the power generated by the engine into propulsion using gears. Tra... Read More »

How Transmission Fluid Gets Into an Engine?

Transmission fluid is a thin, slippery liquid that lubricates and cools the moving parts in your transmission. Its movement is controlled by pumps, valves and an internal computer that governs the ... Read More »

Can I use transmission fluid instead of engine oil?

It is recommend to not use transmission fluid in place of motor oil in a vehicle. Transmission fluid has a lower viscosity than motor oil, and manufacturers recommend an oil change if transmission ... Read More »

How to Do an Engine Flush Using Transmission Fluid?

Engine oil can begin to clump and build up inside a vehicle's engine, causing damage as a result. However, an engine oil flush will get rid of the majority of these clumps and protect your vehicl... Read More »