Can too much lysine cause migraines?

Answer Migraines are not a known side effect of too much lysine. However, side effects of too much lysine in the body include stomach pain, diarrhea, elevated cholesterol levels and possibly an increased ... Read More »

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How Much Lysine to Use?

The amino acid lysine improves your collagen production and skin, yet what is the recommended dosage? The minimum dosage for lysine is 850 milligrams per day for an adult. The therapeutic dosage ma... Read More »

Can allergies cause migraines?

Allergies trigger migraines when the brain overreacts in its attempt to correct the allergy symptoms. For instance, individuals with nasal allergies--which results in pressure changes that the brai... Read More »

Can depression cause migraines?

a wife demanding sex, like thats all he's good for, can give migraines. lol

Can light cause migraines?

Exposure to bright light, either from the sun or artificial lighting, can trigger a migraine. Light can also make a migraine worse, which is why many people experience sensitivity to light and seek... Read More »