Can too many house plants hurt you?

Answer It depends on whether you have allergies to molds, pollens, etc., and/or whether the best condition for the plant's health is not the best condition for your own - i.e. cool and damp is the best co... Read More »

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Will eating house plants hurt a rabbit?

Yes, houseplants such as foxglove and cocoa bean plants are deadly toxic for rabbits. Never feed houseplants! Bring it to the vet immediately before the rabbit digests it.

Can guinea pigs eat house plants and what house plants can they eat?

You have to be very careful feeding plants to guinea pigs as many are poisonous. Here is a short list of what is safe to feed them: Dandelion leaves,grasscolt's footmeadow horsetailchickweedyarrow... Read More »

House Plants That Grow Baby Plants on Their Leaves?

Vegetative apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction that enables certain plant species to reproduce without fertilization. Several varieties of the Bryophyllum genus reproduce in this manner; the... Read More »

Will egg shells hurt my plants?

On One Hand: Egg Shells Are Beneficial to PlantsEgg shells will not harm plants and, in fact, provide necessary nutrients for them. Crushed egg shells, which are 93 percent calcium carbonate, will ... Read More »