Can tomatoes be grown in the winter?

Answer yes and no it would have to be indoors to be grown in the winter. In certain areas of the world, for example Arizona, tomatoes are often grown out of doors in the winter months. It is rare that te... Read More »

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The Best Tomatoes for Greenhouses Grown Hydroponically?

Tomatoes are big business, with over 4 billion pounds eaten every year in the United States. Many growers are getting into the hydroponic sector. Hydroponic growing is the act of growing vegetables... Read More »

Why would home-grown tomatoes turn brown on the bottom?

blossom end rot occurs when you dont provide enough calcium to the plant. combined with iratic watering. when the plant has flowers on it.The plant will show no sign of this till the green tomatoe... Read More »

Have you, or someone you know, actually grown successful tomatoes in the "Topsy Turvy" grower?

Prettykins, you can just as easily cut holes into the bottom of hanging baskets for a lot less. It's a great method for tomatoes and cucumbers.

Can small mimosa trees be grown indoors in winter?

The mimosa or silk tree (Albizia julibrissin) can be over-wintered in a container indoors, but it is a tree that wants to grow at least 20 feet tall. A better indoor choice would be the sensitive p... Read More »