Can toddlers have thrush?

Answer yes, thrush can be present at any age and needs tretment.

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On my tounge i have have some white spots on it could i be getting thrush?

Jesus, "chris", this is a kid! Did you really have to bring up HIV? Was this appropriate?My friend, what you can do besides keeping an eye on this (which is good advice your mom gave you) is to t... Read More »

Do I have thrush or a yeast infection Please help!!!?

Thrush is actually the same thing as a yeast infection. I've read that rubbing regular white yogurt on the area gets rid of it.

I think I have vaginal thrush know any home remedies?

You can check this site for homeopathic versions: would suggest, however, getting to town to get the Monistat 7 over the counter yeast infection treatment. Tha... Read More »

How to Have Fun With Toddlers in Oahu, Hawaii?

Oahu is the most populated island of Hawaii. Unlike the other islands, it also has the most kid-friendly activities and places. Whether you're visiting for a short time or decide to live on Oahu, t... Read More »