Can tight muscles cause an itch?

Answer Yes, tight muscles can cause an itch. If muscles are tense, taut and cramped, they can exert pressure on nerves in the body, causing blood flow to be restricted. This can result in pain, numbness, ... Read More »

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Which muscles cause you to jump higher?

To increase your vertical jump, work on your gluteal, calf, abdominal, hamstring and quadriceps muscles. All are important to achieve your maximum vertical capacity and should be worked on equally.... Read More »

Can numbness heaviness in arms and legs tender breasts muscle exhaustion tight muscles in feet or legs absentmindedness waking up much earlier than normal all be signs of pregnancy?

What could cause an itch on the inner left thigh but no visible rash?

It could be irritated skin among other things. The products you currently use to wash you face, cream, shampoo (washes on your face), they could have chemicals in them that are irritating. It could... Read More »

Does lack of sleep cause your muscles to feel weak?

Yes. Your body in general heals and repairs itself while you sleep, so if you don't get enough sleep, your body is active for that much longer and can't effectively heal itself.