Can thyroid problems be cured?

Answer You just need to moderate your iodine intake. You'll be fine.

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Can colon problems be cured?

Colon problems can be reversed if abnormalities affecting the colon are detected early. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say eating fruits and vegetables, increasing exercise, avoidin... Read More »

Have i got thyroid problems?

No, you should not have a lump in that area. You do have lymph nodes though and a lot of them around that area. The fact that is doesn't hurt, isn't red sounds like a wen. This is just what you ... Read More »

Can the thyroid cause eye problems?

On One Hand: Eyes Can Be at RiskAn irregulated thyroid can cause many problems with the body--including the eyes. Two major eye conditions commonly associated with thyroidism are Graves' Disease an... Read More »

Can thyroid problems cause a skin rash?

On One Hand: Thyroid Problems May Lead to RashOne type of hyperthyroidism (high thyroid) known as Grave's disease can lead to redness and inflammation of the skin on the shins and feet, according t... Read More »