Can this vein cause damage?

Answer The reason that the vein under the pimple was swollen was because there was involvement with the pimple. A pimple is a minor infection itself, usually from strep or staph bacteria. When you popped ... Read More »

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Can a carbon monoxide exposure cause this damage and is it permanent?

The CO poisoning could have precipitated the strokes but not have been the cause. i.e. probably long term diet and exercise were the main contributing factors to a stroke waiting to happen and the ... Read More »

Does injecting 10ml of air in vein cause any harm?

well, let's say this: if you have not died yet, it is fairly safe to say you will be Ok. NEVER EVER, EVER inject air into a vein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are lucky on this one. my question is, however... Read More »

Do salt water pools cause excessive corrosion to pool equipment and cause damage to plaster pools?

Answer YES! Salt water DEFINITELY causes corrosion in your swimming pool. I am a 25 year pool professional and I have seen first hand what salt does to gunite pools. It will eat you pool equipment,... Read More »

What would cause some bruise type discoloring and a blue vein looking line right by your belly button all of a sudden at 39 weeks pregnant?

Answer having 4 kids I can tell you that it is perfectly normal. your stomach is now stretched to the max, and any veins would be more visible. Enjoy that last week and I wish you the best!