Can this motherboard support ivy bridge or not?

Answer I'll tell you like I tell most idiots on hereif you're too stupid to go to the manufacture's website then you don't need it

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Will my motherboard support this card?

Should be fine. The motherboard you're getting has a PCI-e 2.0 x16 slot on it, which will fit the card. However, the card is PCI-e 3.0. The two different versions are compatible, but performance is... Read More »

Will this motherboard support the 3rd Generation i5 out of the box?

My motherboard can only support 2GB RAM - Do I need a new motherboard if I want to add more RAM?

I remember the old ASRock Dual-VSTA motherboard. It had a limit of 2GB and ASRock had a beta BIOS that allowed it to use 4GB. If your manufacturer has not (and chances are that they haven't becau... Read More »

How to know if a motherboard is Ivy Bridge compatible?

The manufacturer has a compatibility list on their site.…