Can this be too good to be true?

Answer Greetings STICKMAN!It's surprising how many people think you're actually being serious!LOLIf you ever did get such an e-mail, you should post it on here so we can all have a laugh.

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How to Find a Horse That's Too Good to Be True?

As many horsey people will know it is often near impossible to find a horse that exactly suits your needs. So here are a few tips on how to find a horse that is as close to perfect as possible.

Is it true that hot baths or showers are not good for anyone?

No, espcially not hot showers, they aren't bad ofr you unless you are actually burnt by them.Your bf is probably thinking of advice given to blokes (apparently TRUE) that hot baths damage sperm. Sp... Read More »

Is it true oatmeal is good for your heart?

yes however a person has to stop eating other foods that are fatting and greasy for the oatmeal to work

Is it true that garlic is good for your heart?

the answer is yea it is good for your heart. healthy arteries are like flexible tubes when they get injured the body produces s ticky stuff to patch those areas up.that is called plaque.garlic in t... Read More »