Can this be too good to be true?

Answer Greetings STICKMAN!It's surprising how many people think you're actually being serious!LOLIf you ever did get such an e-mail, you should post it on here so we can all have a laugh.

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My mate tell me thats Coke Zero is actuallly good for you. Is this true?

No it is not true BUT the sweetener in is far LESS harmful than the one diet pepsi uses.

I have heard that drinking your urine [pee-pee] is good for you,,is this true?

i like to dine out, i never order the peepee

Do you know this This I find hard to believe but said to be true ... :-)?

Yup, learned that at Mr. Wizard's (Don Herbert) knee. We grew up on a farm and after seeing that program, all of us kids ran out to the orchard and garden to try it out. Mom and Grandma were not ... Read More »

I overheard this guy at Apple saying that students get 30% discount on the Macbook. Is this true?

as far as i'm aware, the student discount you get depends on what college or university you go to. if it's listed as 'higher education' then you'll get more discount. i bought mine when i was at co... Read More »