Can this be fixed?

Answer my thought is that it has not had enough time to dry out. E

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Should I get my tv fixed?

It's really difficult to make a correct assessment; I guess it's the transformer. You must learn to accept to lose; I suggest you forget about the repair and abandon the tv. LCD tvs are cheap nowa... Read More »

Is a fixed IRA a CD?

With a fixed-rate IRA (Individual Retirement Account), the account holder agrees to purchase CDs along a set time schedule within a retirement account. Fixed rate IRAs have not only the tax advanta... Read More »

How to get your car fixed for less?

Everybody that owns a car will eventually need repair or maintenance. I will give you some tips on how you can save some money on those repairs.

Can a wet iPod be fixed?

Although Apple recommends taking submerged devices to an authorized service provider for evaluation and repair, leaving the iPod in a warm area or in a bag of dry rice might dry off the iPod enough... Read More »