Can this be fixed?

Answer my thought is that it has not had enough time to dry out. E

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How to get this dell laptop fixed -?

I don't think you'll find anyplace cheaper.Honestly: a new screen, plus some kind of hardware-trauma-related no boot condition, is probably more than $200.

Can this be fixed or is my computer broken?

Happened to me also. Mouse died and rotted on the motherboard.Clean it up. Use rubbing alcohol (sparingly), with cotton balls. Clean gently, but thoroughly. As a previous answer stated, if it bo... Read More »

Should I get this haircut (pics fixed)?

I think that this hair cut would be a perfect fit for you, and it can only help you with that girl you like so much. GO for it! Afterall it is just hair and will always grow back even though based ... Read More »

When I use 2 graphics cards my Wi-Fi card doesn't work, can this be fixed?

You can't CrossFire two different cards, you can only CrossFire a graphics card with the same model of each other, I'm guessing that is why.If not, I'd suggest buying an Ethernet cable, faster inte... Read More »