Can they take my house due to credit card debt?

Answer Credit card companies do not have the ability to take the home of a debtor who owes for credit card bills. Since the debt is considered unsecured, the credit card company can sue the debtor in civi... Read More »

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I am applying for financial aid but i have credit card debt. Will i be approved and do they take it into acct?

They probablly do take it into account, but if I can get approved for financial aid, then I am sure you can..

Will a bank take a credit card to pay off debt?

According to the Visa website, any institution that displays its credit card logo will accept the cards for financial transactions. Also, The Motley Fool website points out that cardholders may tra... Read More »

How long does it take for credit card debt to go off your record?

It takes seven years for credit card debt to go off your record. However, as the debt gets further and further in the past, it will have a smaller and smaller impact on your credit score.References... Read More »

How long after a credit card debt judgment can a debt be collected in Michigan?

The statute of limitations on collecting a judgment in Michigan is 10 years. Keep in mind that if the debtor is paying off the judgment in installments, the statute of limitations is put on hold du... Read More »