Can they put me in prison for back taxes?

Answer A person can face criminal charges and prison time for failure to pay back taxes, but the IRS needs to show that you acted willfully or knowingly to defraud the government. The IRS also has to show... Read More »

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Can you go to prison for failing to pay back taxes to the IRS?

If you fail to pay back taxes, there are a number of steps that the IRS will take. You will receive a number of automated letters, culminating in the IRS imposing a tax lien and eventually seizing ... Read More »

Who gets custody of a child born in prison in AZ mother is in prison father is not they are married.?

If they are legally married, the father gets rights until mother gets out of prison, after that it is up to the state. If not legally married, they go into state custody.

Can a Married Couple Get Back More on Their Income Taxes If They File Separate or Jointly?

The Internal Revenue Service clearly states that married taxpayers will end up paying more income taxes when they file separate returns rather than joint ones. Therefore, unless you have other nont... Read More »

Why Do Inmates End Up Back in Prison?

Many of the criminals in prisons today are repeat offenders, especially those who are serving shorter sentences of up to five years. Studies show that if prisoners were given better rehabilitation ... Read More »