Can they legally remove you from school property?

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Is a person legally responsible for trimming his tree away from a neighbor's property?

The law varies state to state, but in general, a person is not legally responsible for trimming tree branches away from a neighbor's yard, but the neighbor can trim your tree--as long as she does n... Read More »

Can two non-US citizens adopt a child from the US if they are in the country legally on a work Visa?

Can a ward of the state of Florida be emancipated from a legal guardian if they have never been legally adopted?

Yes, you can. Florida has an emancipation statute. The current guardian has to file the petition.

Can I Legally Put up a Gate on My Own Property?

Every state has fencing laws in place that protect homeowners from issues relating to their personal property. When you decide to add a gate to your home, the gate relates to the fencing laws becau... Read More »