Can there be two different fathers for twin babies?

Answer Yes for fraternal twins only. If two eggs are released and each egg is fertilized by a different man, the babies can be fathered by two different men.

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Is a mother unfit if she has 4 kids by four different guys and got married to none of there fathers and now is going through a devorce because she cheated on him and now she has a different guy around?

Having numerous men in your life does not mean you are an unfit mother. The way you treat your children, what kind of environment the children are in matters.

If two twin couples have babies do the babies come out identical?

Yes exactly and they also come out as twins.. no matter what. So basically you get quads but you have to be careful they do not get physically attracted to their cousin assuming they are of opposit... Read More »

Can you have twin babies on purpose?

Answer I do not think that it is possible, however, there are plenty of new procedures in genetics maybe some sort of in vitro fertilization with a replica of an exact cell from one of the egg fetu... Read More »

A mother gave birth to twin boys but they were born in different years and on different days And no the boys are not part of 2 sets How can this be possible?

The first boy was born on the last day of the year. The second was born on the first.right but the first was born at 11:59p.m the other sometime after midnite