Can there be any twins who totally looks different?

Answer Of course; identical twins are fertilized from the same sperm and egg, whereas fraternal twins are fertilized from different sperm and egg; thus, fraternal twins would resemble each other no more t... Read More »

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What do you call identical twins that develop from two different eggs that are fertilized by different sperm?

That isn't possible: if the twins are from two different eggs, fertilized by different sperm, then they will not be identical. It's genetically impossible.

The arrival scan on amazon is in a totally different state HELP!!?

Do not panic! We control the horizontal, we control the vertical....Anyway, Hebron KY is one of Amazon's large distribution centers and what has probably happened is that the Postal Service does n... Read More »

Have you ever fallen asleep in one position and woke up in a totally different one?

Yeah lol. One time I fell asleep in my room and woke up in the bed in our spare bedroom. But the weird thing was I had put new sheets on the bed O.oAnd another time I think I fell asleep or someth... Read More »

How do you get along with family members who live a totally different lifestyle?

Try to be interested in their hobbies. See what you have in common and if you don't, spend some time doing what each family member likes to do the most.