Can the weight of carrying your 9 month old baby harm your current pregnancy?

Answer Lifting Weight Under normal pregnancy circumstances, it is commonly advised for a pregnant woman not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. Also, do not lift anything that is awkward to ca... Read More »

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Can sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy harm your baby?

You are a week late for your period a pregnancy test was negative If you are pregnant and you drank for the last couple of weekends will that harm your baby?

Answer It is highly unlikely a couple of drinks this early would harm your baby. If you are pregnant it would be wise to stop drinking though. Answer Hello -Drinking alcoholic drinks will harm t... Read More »

Can you harm your baby by exercising during early pregnancy?

Answer No you will not harm your baby, as long as your doctor didn't tell you not to exercise you will be fine, just remember not to over due, don't let your heartrate exceed 140 and don't work yo... Read More »

Can eating ice cubes during pregnancy harm your baby?