Can the us go to war with Canada?

Answer Should it become necessary any sovereign state can declare war on any other.

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For PC out to land line Canada to Canada what is the rate per minute? is still the cheapest!Canada $0.010just download the and you be ready for calls in 3 minutes!!!

What does Air Canada require to fly a puppy from Canada to the US?

On an Air Canada flight from Canada to the United States, you may carry your puppy in its carrier onto the plane provided the carrier can fit under the seat in front of you and weighs 22 lbs. or le... Read More »

How to Fax to Canada?

The Canadian phone and fax system has the exact same method of access as faxing the United States phone and fax system. Faxing to Canada is a very regular exercise for transmitting documents, and C... Read More »

What did you do for Canada Day?

Went to church (it being a Sunday). I then took my daughter, and a friend visiting from Europe to watch the parade - which was tiny! Then over to the Museum for a BBQ, and cake, and the singing o... Read More »