Can the umbilical cord strangle a baby?

Answer Yes. In some rare cases the cord can wrap around the baby's neck as it comes out and the cord ends up strangling the baby.Yes, it can inside the womb and outside. I was actually a baby that COULD h... Read More »

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Why do the umbilical cord of the baby needs to be cut?

The umbilical cord, which connects the placenta to the baby, needs to be cut so that the baby's blood supply can be secured within the baby's body, and the now dead placenta can be disposed of.

Why do you cut the umbilical cord after the baby is born?

After a child is born the umbilical cord is no longer needed so it is removed.

Does a baby feel the umbilical cord being cut off?

Answer Nope, there isn't any nerve endings in it.

Does a baby turtle have an umbilical cord?

Baby turtles do not have umbilical cords. Mother turtles lay their eggs on the beach then leave them to hatch. The babies survive from the nourishment inside the eggs. Umbilical cords are found onl... Read More »