Can the shape of your teeth change over time if you eat less meat?

Answer When I was little a boy in my class told me I would get "cow's teeth" if I didn't eat meat. My dentist assured me that this was not true, and all of my sharp teeth are still very sharp.

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What, in braces, causes your teeth to change shape?

Yes, it does but the brackets are placed specially on the tooth by the orthodontist so that when the wire is placed the brackets cause it to move.

Does eating natrual healthy nun chemical foods still rot your teeth if it stays over time?

YOU STILL HAVE TO CARE FOR YOUR TEETH. That means brushing and flossing. Foods contain natural sugars, so even if you don't have added sugar you're still eating sugar.Apples do not CLEAN your tee... Read More »

Does your face shap change over time?

Your face shape bone structure wise stays the same as you age, unless you get the new braces that adjust the bone structure in your jawline while adjusting your teeth, the weight around your face m... Read More »

If you squint alot will it harm or change eyes does it cause your eye muscles to change the shape of your eye?

If you are squinting, it is because your eyes are straining to see clearly. It will not make your eyes worse, but the eyestrain will cause headaches and the constant squinting will cause wrinkles... Read More »