Can the shape of your teeth change over time if you eat less meat?

Answer When I was little a boy in my class told me I would get "cow's teeth" if I didn't eat meat. My dentist assured me that this was not true, and all of my sharp teeth are still very sharp.

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What, in braces, causes your teeth to change shape?

Yes, it does but the brackets are placed specially on the tooth by the orthodontist so that when the wire is placed the brackets cause it to move.

Why do meat eaters always bring up thier teeth when trying to argue that humans are supposed to eat meat?

We do NOT have teeth designed to eat meat. If you want to see teeth designed to eat meat, look at the teeth of a cat or dog. Meat eaters seem to think their teeth are designed to chew meat, but ... Read More »

Am I the only one amused that meat eaters think we need to eat meat because of "canine teeth"?

Agreed. I think it is silly that people look to those biological things at all to make a decision.I see it like this: If I can lead a healthy life that does not include the pain, suffering, mutila... Read More »

What Shape Should Veneers for Teeth Be?

According to Dr. Norm Huefner of Sensational Smiles, there are around 25 different colors, three different textures, numerous lengths, and several types of porcelain that you can choose from for yo... Read More »