Can the secondary insurance provider deny a claim that was not filed with the primary insurance provider first?

Answer AnswerLet me tell you what happend to me. I hope that this helps. I used to be covered by two insurance companies. My primary insurance company was through the company that I worked with. My se... Read More »

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Are health care providers obligated to accept payment from a secondary insurance at their fee schedule when the provider does not participate with the the patient's primary insurance?

Answer It has been my experience that providers of health care are not obligated to accept secondary or even primary insurnace coverages if they are not under contract with that insurance company... Read More »

Is it possible for an insurance company to deny your claim because you have a primary and they can not be a secondary?

Answer Conference the 2 claims reps together and let them Duke it out!

If you have insurance through two current employers and the primary is an HMO can you decide to select a provider from the secondary PPO?

Answer IMHO Yes CA Insurance Code 10270.98, but you would only get paid from the HMO Group disability (Health Insurance) policies may provide, among other things, that the benefits payable there... Read More »

If the father is primary based on birthday and the mother is secondary is it legal for the mother to use her insurance as primary by not telling the provider about the father's insurance?

Answer No, it's fraudulant. It's not practical, the secondary insurance should pay the remainder of the cost the primary insurance doesn't cover.