Can the public rent a postage meter?

Answer Postage meters cannot be bought; they can only be rented or leased. An individual can rent a postage meter from one of the authorized providers listed on the United States Postal Service website.S... Read More »

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How to Refill a Postage Meter?

A postage meter machine provides an easy method to weigh and print postage from the home or office. Aside from convenience, a postage meter machine enables users to receive a 4.7% discount on any ... Read More »

Can I track a postage meter number?

Metered postage contains the meter number somewhere in the design. This number can be used by the Post Office to trace the user of the postage meter. Postage meter manufacturers originally avoided ... Read More »

Can postage meter numbers be traced?

According to the Meter Stamp Society, all postage meters are assigned a meter number that can be traced by the post office. The meter number appears somewhere within the printed postage meter stamp... Read More »

Can You Backdate a Postage Meter Back 2 Days?

Backdating mailing dates on rented postal meters may seem like a way to avoid late charges and prevent legal issues, but it is itself illegal, and carries civil and criminal penalties.