Can the president of an association dismiss the meeting if members get unruly?

Answer It's unfortunate that the board cannot conduct its business because the behaviour of a few members disrupts the meeting. Usually, unless it's the annual meeting, members are invited to observe open... Read More »

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How to Prepare for a Members Meeting in a Community Association?

A majority of Annual Members Meetings occurs in the fall and winter. Preparation for Members Meetings should begin now and the Association's By-Laws will provide the guidelines for such a meeting.

How many days are needed to call a special board meeting before an annual meeting for a Home owners association?

Robert's Rules of Order, is the generally accepted procedure for businesses matters such as these. There is an online version - see the link below:

Can the board president dismiss a member?

It depends on whether the member is a member of the board, or a member of the association. If, for example, the developer is the board president and has appointed a member of the board who serves ... Read More »

Can the u.s. president dismiss the secretary of state at will?

The Secretary of State is a member of the President's Cabinet. In the words of Secretary Hillary Clinton, cabinet members "serve at the pleasure of the President," which means they may be dismissed... Read More »