Can the plant Pogostemon cablin be grown in the US?

Answer Although the question is vague, in a word the answer is YES.The US has a huge growing season variation from North to South, so having no idea what area you live in I will just mention that most are... Read More »

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Is plant growth affected if the plant is grown by hot or cold water?

Using hot water or cold water can shock the roots and damage your plant. If the temperature is extreme, it can even kill the plant. To avoid such an effect, you should use water that is room temper... Read More »

Can anthurium be grown as a bog plant?

Anthuriums are beautiful tropical foliage plants that can be used indoors or outside in the landscape. They can not tolerate over watering and would not grow well planted in areas such as bogs and ... Read More »

Can the portulaca plant be grown indoors?

Portulaca, also known as moss rose, needs full sunlight to thrive, so it should not be grown indoors. The best places to grow portulaca is in containers, rock gardens and hanging baskets. These dro... Read More »

How do i pot a container grown rose plant?

Reason to ReplantDetermine if your rose bush needs replanting. Replant container-grown roses when the roots of the rose bush become too crowded in their current pot. Look for dense roots near the s... Read More »