Can the parents of a pregnant minor force her to have an abortion?

Answer Answer No. A minor who is a mother or is pregnant is presumed by law in all states to have equal legal rights to her child as would an adult. No one can force her to have an abortion, place the ch... Read More »

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In Missouri can parents force an abortion or adoption on their pregnant minor daughter?

I was not able to find anything in writing giving parents the ability to force the daughter into having an abortion, but I found tons of proposed legislation and grass roots efforts against forced ... Read More »

Can the mother of a pregnant 16-year-old force her to have an abortion?

Answer If you live in the united states no one can legally force you to get an abortion under any circumstances. Make sure the doctor is aware of your wishes and he will refuse to perform the proc... Read More »

Can the parents of a pregnant minor take custody of her baby if she chooses to have the child adopted?

Answer Anything is possible. Call your local county court house and ask the clerk of the court for help with this question.== Rights of Pregnant Minors =No.A pregnant minor has the same legal righ... Read More »

How does a 20-year-old tell her parents whom she lives with that she is pregnant when the father wants her to have an abortion but she is against it?

Answer I think you should just come out and tell them. Age has nothing to do with it.Im twenty years old and im currently 7 weeks pregnant with my first child.I am living with my boyfriend and also... Read More »