Can the morning after pill mess up your hormones?

Answer On One Hand: It Is a Side EffectThe morning after pill contains the same hormones as regular birth control pills, which are usually a combination of estrogen and progesterone. The presence of these... Read More »

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Does broccoli mess with women hormones?

not sure if serious. never heard that one. never come across any scientific study telling people to AVOID vegetables - especially green leafy ones. Broccoli is one of the ones that we're always bei... Read More »

Does prenatal pills make gain weight Because I heard that it does and if you are taking the morning sickness pill do you still need to take the prenatal pill too?

Doesn't matter, although she might prefer it if he has the strength to be reasonably active during the act.

I just took the morning after pill What now?

It is going to chemically induce another period. The shedding of the uterine lining prevents implantation. It will likely be even less enjoyable than a standard period, as it is being forced arti... Read More »

I have taken the morning after pill?

Take the morning after pill just to be assured of no surprises. As well get the pill organised for the future, prescribed by medical doctors.