Can the morning after pill make my period shorter?

Answer On One Hand: No Hard DataThere is no reported scientific evidence that taking the morning after pill will result in shorter periods. According to Princeton University, researchers through early 201... Read More »

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Will the morning after pill affect my period?

Because the morning after pill is a high dose of hormones, it can affect your next menstrual cycle. Your period could come early or late, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. You... Read More »

Does the morning after pill work until your next period?

no.. the box says it only works up to three days after but ive herd people say they used it a week after and it worked

If you have been taking BC for 4 months and your period has always come once you have taken the first inactive pill and you missed one pill and now your period hasn't come can you be pregnant?

Answer That is a possibility since birth control pills are not 100% effective.

Does prenatal pills make gain weight Because I heard that it does and if you are taking the morning sickness pill do you still need to take the prenatal pill too?

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