Can the moderately mentally retarded learn to read?

Answer Underachieving gifted students are often bored in school. I know some underachieving gifted students (elementary school age) who were too bored to work on their own, but enjoyed socializing and sho... Read More »

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If someone isn't smart enough to learn how to drive, are they most likely mentally retarded?

What is moderately retarded?

They can, but technically they shouldn't.Cravings for dirt or other nonfood items is called Pica. It is thought to be caused by an iron deficiency, but science seems to be unclear on whether or not... Read More »

What is the meaning of 'moderately retarded'?

When you are legally retarded, but highly functional in the real world.edited:exactly, you are almost mental but you can function, usually moderatly retarded people have bad memory, or dont compreh... Read More »

Girls are mentally retarded on facebook?

LMAO. You shouldn't put your trust in humanity with people online, especially Facebook. Typical photo upload:*Uploads picture of herself posing in mirror with hand on hip and tilted head* "No makeu... Read More »