Can the member of an executive board make a motion?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine whether this is allowed in your association or not. Practically, however, the key isn't the motion, it's the vote on the motion, which after voting, is e... Read More »

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What is the difference between an executive board member and a non executive board member?

Your governing documents will explain the difference between these two board members in your condominium association. In some commercial business corporations, an executive board member can be a w... Read More »

What is an executive board member?

The executive board, also called the board of directors, trustees, governors or managers, serves as the governing body of a company. The board are, in most instances, elected by the shareholders; h... Read More »

What is the length of tenure of a board member appointed to replace a board member who resigned?

Read your governing documents to confirm that the rather standard practice is in effect in your community. Usually, an appointed officer fills out the remainder of the resigned officer's term.

How to Make a Motion in a Board of Directors?

While they should follow a strict structure, board meetings can get out of control. When emotions get involved, meetings can steer straight into chaos. Knowing the proper procedure for making a mo... Read More »