Can the materials used in iPod earphones cause cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, They DoIn 2007, the Center for Environmental Health sued Apple, the makers of the iPod, over the levels of the hazardous chemicals called phthalates found in the earbud cords of t... Read More »

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Do earphones cause cancer?

Can Coby earphones cause cancer?

the large size is called a 1/4 inch phono plug and the smaller size (like ipods use) is a 3.5mm called a mini-phono and then there is a tiny one usually only for cell phones: a 2.5mm sub-mini.

I heard that talking too much on the phone can cause cancer.I bought earphones, will this help?

Wired earphones won't necessarily reduce the radio emissions, in fact they may amplify the problem as the earphone leads can act as a radiating antenna themselves!There is no doubt in my mind and e... Read More »

What materials are used to make an ipod?

"The case is aluminum and the click wheel is rubber. The materials for the internal parts are chosen for certain properties such as insulation and heat conduction."--A. F a g g o t