Can the law force you to see your children?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer No. There is no law that says a parent must have contact with children. And that is justly so. It would seem a parent who was forced to have visitation would not be able to meet t... Read More »

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Can you force the other parent to take your children once a month so you have a break?

Answer Courts can enforce child support orders. But, they cannot "force" a parent to have a relationship with a child(ren). It is reasonable to assume that if a parent has to be "dragged" into a re... Read More »

Is it cruel to force vegetarianism on children or pets?

Pets - definitely YESChildren - Yes. They should be given a chance to get all they need to grow by using a standard diet for human beings

Is it illegal to swear at children or force them into doing things?

No, it is not illegal to swear at your children or force them to do things such as homework; chores; if they can leave the home in the evening without telling the parents where they are going; refu... Read More »

Can children attend Air Force basic training graduation?