Can the irs levy on a property affixed to the land of a lessor?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service can, and will, place a levy on the property of a lessor. The term lessor means someone who owns property and rents it to someone else. Being a lessor is no different th... Read More »

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Can the IRS levy on buildings affixed to a ground lease?

The IRS can only put a levy on property that is owned by the person who is delinquent in paying taxes. If a structure is on leased land but is owned by a delinquent taxpayer, then the IRS can put a... Read More »

What is a property tax levy?

A property tax levy is the total property tax a school district or local, county or state government must collect to meet its budget, which determines individual annual property taxes. A municipali... Read More »

When is a notice of levy placed on a property?

A levy is attached to a property after the tax is assessed and you've received notice of it, and when you fail to pay the tax despite a reminder notice. You'll receive the final notice of the levy ... Read More »

How do I advertise land& property?

Write/design your advertisement for publication online. Decide how you want to be contacted by interested parties and design your advertisement accordingly.Use free classified sites and community b... Read More »