Can the irs file a lien against my retirement accounts?

Answer The IRS can put a lien on personal property that is owed before and after the lien goes into affect. The IRS can put a lien on homes, bank accounts, wages, social security benefits and even retirem... Read More »

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Can an HOA president file a lien against your condo for items he forced you to replace and the new items are against the bylaws and defective?

Your question contains data/ allegations that require evidence. Your first task is to document how the by-laws are being violated, and your second task is to document the defective nature of the 'n... Read More »

How do I file a lien against a property?

Notice of IntentSubmit notice of intent to file a lien on the property to the debtor if the debt has remained unpaid. The information required in the notice, and the amount of time the debtor has t... Read More »

How to File a Lien Against Someone Who Owes Me Money?

If you provide goods or services to someone or have another agreement, you expect to be fairly compensated on time; if you are not paid, recouping what is owed to you may be possible through placin... Read More »

How do you file a lien against a property owners association?

If the association owes you money, you can take your evidence to an attorney who can help you take the appropriate action against the association. Generally, you would file suit against the associ... Read More »