Can the ink of a new tattoo come off completely as it is healing?

Answer A tattoo cannot come off completely as it is healing. The tattoo pigment is inserted into layers of skin to change its pigment. If the tattoo is not properly cared for during the healing process, t... Read More »

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How to Repair a Zipper when the Slider Has Come Off Completely?

This one is unrepairable.For some reason, the slider often comes off old or cheap zippers and there's no way to get it back on. The first method won't damage the fabric but may damage the zipper; t... Read More »

My scanner makes my pictures come out all acidy bright - and bleaches some of the colors completely away?

What you need to do is to set your scanner option to 300 or 600 dpi. Place a few blank sheets of paper over your original before scanning. This will ensure that no light seeps through and that the ... Read More »

How far does the needle come out of the tattoo gun?

How far the needle comes out of a tattoo machine during the tattoo procedure is different for each tattoo. The tattoo artist determines the distance by factoring in outlining or shading, the pressu... Read More »

How does the ink in a tattoo never come off?

Unlike other marks we make on our skin, tattoos last indefinitely. While tattoo ink affects how the tattoo looks, it is not the determining factor in the permanence of the application.Why Tattoos A... Read More »