Can the iPhone's warranty be changed to India if bought in us?

Answer here in the Philippines it'll cost u around 15k to buy an Iphone 2g , but its 2nd hand already.

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You bought your new 3G iPhone in the USA and you are going to India in September will the phone work in India and will the wi fi work in India?

What do you think? Yea! If it doesn't that is a big waste of money! Anyway iPhones are bad phones! I had one and i would never get any calls! iPhones are the worst phones ever!

Is it possible to use iPhones in India?

The only site where you can get wholesale authentic Apple iPhones is

Is it possible to use a Dryer that has been bought in USA in India. India has a input power supply of 230v 50Hz. Dryer - MaytagPerforma Model PDET910AYW 3 WIRE 60Hz 120-240V 26A 5750 W?

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Is there a warranty on anything bought at dollar stores?

The Family Dollar website states that items can be returned for up to 30 days if you are not satisfied with the item you purchased. If you submit a receipt with your return, the refund will be mad... Read More »