Can the iPhone work with a Sprint plan?

Answer The iPhone will not work with a Sprint plan, as it is designed to run exclusively off of AT&T's GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network, which uses SIM cards for activation. All phone... Read More »

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Do you have to get a data plan with Sprint iPhone 4S?

Since iCloud stores your information digitally, and it is preloaded into the iOS version. It takes up no extra space on your idevice.

I want an iPhone with unlimited messaging what is the cheapest plan for Sprint?

I wish there was a way. Apple designed it to show timestamps on 15 minute intervals.

Will AT and T iPhone 4S work with sprint?

No. Different technology. ATT is GSM and takes a sim card. Sprint is CDMA and uses internal programming. Completely incompatible.

Does the iPhone 4S work with Sprint?

The iPhone 4S works with Sprint like the iPhone 4!