Can the iPhone accept more than 7.1 GB?

Answer Yes, search wikianswers on google and start answering questions!

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Is the new iPhone 3gs worth paying a hundred dollars more than the iPhone 3g?

yes it is totally worth spending an extra $100. I mean i own an iPhone 3GS and it has better performance, a longer battery life, a compass, a video camera with 3 megapixels, and voice control. AND ... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4 generate more heat than the iPhone 3?

I can't accept the fact that there are girls more beautiful than me,( plz don't be harsh, I do want 2 change)?

I'm sure everyone has those feelings. Even I do. Sounds like to me that if it's bothering you that much, you need to gain some self-esteem. You are fine just the way you are. You'll get a bit older... Read More »

How much more is the iPhone 3gs than the regular iPhone?

Depends on how much the regular phone cost. 3GS with a new plan at AT&T is only $100 4G with a new plan is only $200 With out the plan and going off eBay prices you can see yourself paying anywh... Read More »