Can the grandparents of a child gain custody?

Answer In certain circumstances, yes they can. If the court thinks it is appropriate.

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Can a father take his child from the grandparents if no custody order is in place the mother has hid from him for a year and will not give him an address to serve custody papers?

No. Assuming the parents are unmarried, the father must establish his paternity in order to establish his parental rights. This is a serious and complicated situation, legally. If he just takes the... Read More »

How can grandparents acquire child custody?

To obtain custody of your grandchild, you must either have written consent from both of the child's parents or have custody assigned to you by a family court. Before being granted custody, you may... Read More »

Does non-payment of child support help the custodial parent retain custody if the non-paying parent tries to gain primary custody in court?

Answer This often happens when one ex is angry with the other and it's not about the children at all, but a control issue. Your ex wants to hurt you and the best way to do that is through the chil... Read More »

How can a father gain custody of a child?

Despite some minor variations from one state to another, the laws regarding a father's ability to seek custody of a child are largely the same. There is a distinction in the law between establishin... Read More »