Can the father of the baby have pregnancy symptoms?

Answer Yes, it's called "Sympathy pains".

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How early does the father have pregnancy symptoms?

The father will not have any pregnancy symptoms because he is not the one who is physiologically capable of being pregnant. Only the mother will have pregnancy symptoms. Unless he is in proximity t... Read More »

Are flu like symptoms such as body aches and aching eyes symptoms of pregnancy because you have heard flu like symptoms can happen in pregnancy?

You may have body aches but aching eyes would not be a typical symptom of pregnancy. Usually when it is said that you might have flu-like symptoms with pregnancy, it is referring more to the malais... Read More »

I had my tubes tied but I haven't had my period in 2 months and have pregnancy symptoms can I be pregnant and could I have the baby?

ehh.. I believe your not able to have a baby after you've had your tubes tied.

How can you tell the difference between symptoms of pregnancy and stress I think Im pregnant because Im late on my period and have many other symptoms but I have been very stressed out lately too?

If you have already missed your period, take a pregnancy test and what that pregnancy test says is your answer