Can the father of a 17-year-old keep him from moving in with his mother?

Answer Answer and are very helpful. You will get an answer/opinion on from an attorney or from other people on divorcenet.comIf the father is the primary custodian... Read More »

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Can a mother who has legal custody of a 16-year-old prevent the minor child from moving in with the non custodial father in Missouri?

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Can an unmarried father keep the mother from moving out of state before the child is born?

Of course not. At least in the United States, you cannot take that kind of control over another person's body. You will have to wait until the child is born and try to exert your parental rights at... Read More »

Can you stop your 15-year-old from moving in with his father if you have joint custody and the father has a criminal record?

Answer My mom was able to get a restraining order on my father when i was 15 and i wasn't allowed to see him because he had a criminal record. i swear it's possible. however if u have jiont coustod... Read More »

Can a father stop a mother from moving to another state with the child?