Can the environment affect sickle cell anemia?

Answer On One Hand: Sickle Cell Symptoms are Worsened by EnvironmentSickle cell anemia symptoms include swelling in hands and feet, jaundice, anemia, infection, organ damage and episodes of physical pain ... Read More »

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Can you die from sickle cell anemia?

On One Hand: Serious RisksIndividuals with sickle cell anemia--many call it sickle cell disease or SCD--are at serious risk of stroke; pneumonia, which leads to acute chest syndrome; bacterial infe... Read More »

Can Sickle Cell Anemia spread?

No, Sickle Cell Anemia isn't contagious, is an inherited autosomal co-dominant genetic condition characterized by sickle (crescent) shaped red blood cells and chronic anemia caused by excessive des... Read More »

When was babies in the US first tested or sickle cell anemia?

Once the child has been diagnosed with ODD or Oppositional Defiance Disorder, the doctor usually recommends a list of behavior modification techniques as a form or therapy or management for the chi... Read More »

Can a person with sickle cell anemia get a tattoo?

Yes, it would not prevent it, however, if they are being treated, they should discuss it with their physician to avoid problems with medication preventing clotting or similar issues.