Can the dishwasher be located next to the garbage disposal?

Answer Yes - It's not easy if you put it on the back porch. If you can afford - go for it.

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Is it bad to run dishwasher into garbage disposal?

There's a sealed tank that's about half full of water, half full of air. At the top of the tank there is a hole going to the vacuum moter, and a tube going to the bottom of the water on one end, an... Read More »

Is it ok to run the garbage disposal when the dishwasher is running?

Yes. Your dishwasher discharge hose is probably hooked into the side of the disposal. Running your disposal will not hurt the dishwasher.

How can you fix a dishwasher that has garbage disposal water in it?

Check the air vent tube under sink make sure it is connected properly or water will back up into dishwasher

How do I connect a garbage disposal unit with a dishwasher?

Connect the Dishwasher Drain HoseSlip one end of the hose over the nipple on the drain outlet of the dishwasher. Place a few drops of liquid soap to help lubricate the hose before installation. Sec... Read More »