Can the dentist refuse to give me anastasia or any kind of numbing agent?

Answer First of all, make sure it's actual pain that you're feeling. Sometimes I get 'ghost pains' that stem from my nervousness. Second of all, they can probably rub numbing gel around the area. But, IDK... Read More »

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How long does numbing at the dentist last?

Numbing at the dentist will typically last two to four hours. Normally, epinephrine is put in the anesthesia. For people who are allergic or who have high blood pressure or heart disease, epinephri... Read More »

I am going to the dentist today and I'm really scared does the numbing shot hurt?

Get some baby teething gel and rub it on your gums every 10 mins for the hour before you go into the dentist. You will not even feel the needle go in!! I do this every time as I was a nervous wre... Read More »

Can you get a sinus infection from having a cavity filled or from the numbing agent?

Answer No, that will not cause a sinus infection.Well, it isn't exactly that simple.....if it is an upper tooth and that tooth's roots rest right up against the maxilary sinus - like it does in man... Read More »

Does the numbing injection that you get at the dentist for a filling decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill?

Answer Asked the doctor, the numbing injection does not decrease effectiveness.