Can the court deny the non custodial parent overnight visits?

Answer Yes they can. The court can deny all visitation if the situation needs it.

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Does the non-custodial parent have to provide the children with a bed for overnight visits?

Answer Every parent mustprovide children with a place to sleep for 8 continuous hours that is clean and suitable for sleeping. They don't have to have a bed per say, but a sofa for older children ... Read More »

What would be valid reasons for a court allowing a 17-year-old to live with a non-custodial parent after the custodial parent has already been court appointed?

Answer If the environment that the minor is currently living in is unsuitable to the extent that the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the minor is being jeopardized.Such an assessment... Read More »

Can a custodial parent deny the visitation rights to non-custodial parent in mobile Alabama?

If the court has awarded you visitation rights, then you have those rights legally and they cannot be denied by the custodial parent.

In the state of Michigan would a court approve a non custodial parent to care for the children after school for a couple of hours until custodial parent arrives home in place of a sitter?

Answer Permission from the court would not be required. The court does not become involved in things such as childcare providers, schools, religion, etc. such issues are hopefully decided amicably... Read More »