Can the contraceptive pill cause insomnia ?

Answer I do hope you're married. If not, mayhap it is your conscious that is troubling you. Look in your bible under, 'Jezebel'. Watch out for wild dogs.

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When can you start the contraceptive pill?

On One Hand: Start Whenever You LikeWhile most women still think they can only start the birth control pill right after their period, it is actually possible to start taking the pill at any time of... Read More »

Why is the contraceptive pill so effective?

Contraceptive pills are effective if a woman takes the pills at the same time each day. The way the pills are engineered allows for effective use and, therefore, the woman taking the pills should n... Read More »

Contraceptive pill in Australia?

As with any other country, you are permitted as much prescription medication as you require for the length of your stay.

Can Nurofen affect the contraceptive pill?

On One Hand: No, It Won'tNurofen (a brand name for the pain-killing drug ibuprofen) will not affect the effects of the contraceptive pill in any way. Running the two substances (inserting 'Levora' ... Read More »