Can the computer give you headaches?

Answer On One Hand: Eyestrain Causes HeadachesEyestrain is known to be a medical cause for tension headaches. Furthermore, staring at a computer screen for many hours throughout the day can trigger eyestr... Read More »

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Does focalin xr give you headaches?

Yes, one of the possible side effects of Focalin XR is headaches. I've taken it for over four years now and have somewhat concluded (for me atleast) that stress plays a major role in causing a head... Read More »

If you are sllergic to bananas can it give you headaches when you eat them?

Yes well, stop eating bananas and see if the headaches stop :/ Only way to be sure, right?

Can oral infections give you headaches- & what am i doing wrong that is causing this!?

"Upping" your immune system is not the answer. If you have as much dental infection as you claim, some bad things can be the result. First of all, you can get Septicemia ( blood poisoning ) fro... Read More »

Why does the Starbucks caramel frappuccino give me massive headaches every time?

Could be the sugar? Do you have a diary allergy? Have you tried getting decaf? The ingredients of a frappuccino are pretty straightforward, so... i'm finding it hard to figure out anything else....