Can the children visit their father with stranger in the house?

Answer yes

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If a father is behind in child support for 2 other children and does not visit with them is he considered unfit?

no to be unfit he would have to show he cant take care of the children now if he is behind because he cant afford it then maybe,if hes behind because he just doesnt want to pay then no i would say ... Read More »

Is a Social Security number needed for children to visit the White House?

It is not necessary to have a Social Security number or identification for children under the age of 15 visiting the White House. Everyone over age 15 must have a valid ID card with exact matching ... Read More »

What do you do when your small children visit their father who stays at his daughter's and they see the adults there pick up their 4-year-old son by the front of his shirt and curse and call him names?

Answer You have the right to protect your children, legally if need be, from witnessing abusive incidents during their visitations with their dad. Contact your local Child Welfare center or Dept... Read More »

Can your father get a court order making you visit him if you are 15 and live with your mom and haven't seen your father in 5 months and he is threatening to get a court order if you don't visit?

Answer yes he can, provided they have filed a settlement agreement with the court in the county in which you live which gives your father rights of visitation or parenting time. If your mom does n... Read More »