Can the canna lily grow in minnesota?

Answer Canna lilies grow in Minnesota during the spring and summer months. Because the bulbs are not cold-hardy, however, they must be dug up before the first freeze of the year. Store canna lily bulbs in... Read More »

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Canna Lily Problems?

Canna lilies are flowering perennial plants. Cannas offer tall iris-like flowers with wide, flat leaves. These tropical herbs need little care, according to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Servic... Read More »

How do i propagate canna lily tropicana?

Propagate Tropicana canna lilies by dividing the rhizomes. Dig up the entire clump in the fall and cut the stems back to 2 or 3 inches. Shake off the soil and let the tops dry. Break the rhizomes a... Read More »

Canna Lily Care Tips?

Canna lilies are rhizomatous perennials valued for their striking foliage and long-blooming floral displays. A relative of the banana tree and bird of paradise plant, cannas are best used at the ba... Read More »

How do I winterize canna lily bulbs?

Pulling the BulbDig the bulb after the foliage has been killed by the first frost. Either plant the bulb in a pot to be stored or store the bulb uncovered in a shallow box.CuringTrim the foliage to... Read More »