Can the canna lily grow in minnesota?

Answer Canna lilies grow in Minnesota during the spring and summer months. Because the bulbs are not cold-hardy, however, they must be dug up before the first freeze of the year. Store canna lily bulbs in... Read More »

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Canna Lily Problems?

Canna lilies are flowering perennial plants. Cannas offer tall iris-like flowers with wide, flat leaves. These tropical herbs need little care, according to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Servic... Read More »

How to Get More Canna Lily Blooms?

Canna lilies make a tall, gorgeous, focal point in any garden. With broad, veined leaves that resemble banana plants and spikes of bright flowers, this plant can grow up to 6 feet tall. Canna comes... Read More »

How often do I water a canna lily plant?

Canna lilies need to be watered twice every week if there is no rainfall. They grow well in hot temperatures as long as they are receiving enough water and fertilizer. It's important not to allow t... Read More »

Is a canna lily a perennial or an annual?

Canna lilies are perennial flowers capable of growing 2 to 10 feet high. This herbaceous plant grows in tropical climates and resembles banana plants. Canna lilies are also commonly referred to as ... Read More »